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Catharina with C... that's how I often introduced myself when I was young, as the C (or rather the K) was the most common – and for me, most annoying – misspelling of my name. When I first signed up for an open stage in the summer of 2018, I had to sign my name into a list that already had a Katharina on it. Therefore, I wrote "Catharina with C" so that I would know that I was meant when the call came.

That experience back then shaped my name. In the ukulele scene I quickly became known under it and was even introduced as Catharina with C when I had not given anything at all.

My first stage experiences were with cover songs on various open stages or open mics, as it is usually called in the ukulele scene. The first big experience was my performance at the 2018 Berlin Ukulele Festival, where I got to play and sing in front of over 200 people. In addition, I regularly attended the vocal session at the Hamburg jazz club "Birdland", where I also tried my hand on stage and gained my first experience with a band as accompaniment.

I had already had singing lessons for many years, but it was only the ukulele, with which I could accompany myself, that opened up the stage to me. Today I can no longer imagine that I wanted to sing only for myself at that time and certainly never on a stage.

Since 2020 I have also been writing my own songs. In doing so, I am primarily concerned with the lyrics – similar to the cover songs I choose. The music comes afterwards and usually all by itself. In my songs I deal with situations, people or feelings that move me and I am not afraid to address socially critical aspects.

In addition to my own musical ambitions, the ukulele scene with all its very special people is very close to my heart. Thus, I have been organizing regular meetings for ukulele players in Lübeck and Ahrensburg since 2018 and did not hesitate at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic 2020 to create a virtual OpenMic, which is now known worldwide in the ukulele scene and attracts visitors from different continents.

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Kultursommer in Ahrensburg, September 2021
Artikel im Online-Magazin StormUnity

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