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Videos for Ukulele-Fans

Here you can find a selection of my videos. All videos can be found on my YouTube channel, which you are welcome to follow. I would be happy to. You can find the channel under:

Gardenconcert on August, 20 in 2022

Already a nice little tradition I again organized a garden concert. In the best weather, more than 30 guests came to my garden. This year I also had a few guests on stage: Mirja Rothschädl as opener, Lars Kuntze on bass for "A thousand kisses deep", Karsten Schmidt on cajon for "Du bist mein Sommer" and on piano for "Fly me to the moon / Schieß mich doch zum Mond" as well as Stephan Schäfer in duet and on ukulele and mouthtrumpet for "Somethin' stupid".
If you want to join us next year, sign up at the bottom of this page for my e-mail distribution list, and I'll notify you and also let you know about other events and performances.

Time to fly - Original (Sardinia in May 2022)

For my son, as a present for his 17th birthday, I composed this song. Now there is finally a video of it, which was made on vacation in Sardinia, on an afternoon directly at the sea. How do you like the song?

Black Sea by Natasha Blume (Full moon in Sardinia / 16.05.2022)

Black Sea by Natasha Blume (Full moon in Sardinia / 16.05.2022)
Vacation in Sardinia and then a moonrise by the sea. The atmospheric light of the moon reflecting in the water tempted me to make a recording of the mystical song "Black Sea". The lighting conditions were very difficult, but I think it turned out pretty well. What do you think?

Black Sea by Natasha Blume (Bar Italia / Hamburg on 13.10.2021)

Finally, live performances are possible again. I immediately took one of the first opportunities and stood on the open stage at Bar Italia. I played and sang three songs, one of them was "Black Sea" by Natasha Blume. Currently this is one of my favorite songs with its mystical atmosphere, which I arranged for ukulele. I hope you like it.

Gardenconcert on August, 28 in 2021

After everyone was so happy about my concert in the garden last summer, it was somehow clear that there would be one again this year. Unfortunately, the weather was not quite so kind to us and so I had to protect electronics and instruments from the rain under the "parasol". The guests were bravely equipped with umbrellas and jackets against the uncomfortable weather. For those of you who couldn't be there, I have a video of the entire concert for you to watch. If you'd like to attend next year, sign up for my email list (see below) and I'll notify you.

Song to the Moon - from the opera Rusalka by Antonin Dvořák

On 31 March 2021, a themed evening about the moon took place as part of the virtual OpenMics I am organising. For this evening, I wanted to present something very special and set about rehearsing the aria of Rusalka by Antonin Dvořák, the Song to the Moon. To make it sound a little less like an opera aria, I transposed it to a lower register. The most important thing for me in the accompaniment was to imitate the sounds of a concert harp in the original version. For this purpose I played my Daniel Ho soprano ukulele with a low G-string and had Elisabeth Pfeiffer help me to integrate harp-like elements into the ukulele accompaniment. I hope you like it.

Die Welt atmet auf - Original

The Waltzing Uke "Mathilda" was visiting Ahrensburg near Hamburg. Before she moved on, I recorded this video with her. The song was written in March 2020, when worldwide lockdowns were imposed due to the rampant covid-19 virus, aeroplanes came to a standstill everywhere and other traffic came to a complete stop. In pictures from Nasa, one could see how this had a positive effect on air pollution. In one article there was the beautiful sentence that now probably millions of Chinese children will see a blue sky for the first time. This sentence inspired me to write this song.
I want to draw attention to all the measures that can be taken when a life-threatening crisis occurs. I wish that the climate crisis is also seen as threatening as it is and that the measures are similarly drastic so that we succeed in saving this beautiful planet.

Garden concert in late summer 2020

When culture had largely come to a standstill due to the rampant Covid-19 virus in 2020, I invited friends and neighbours to a concert in my garden. I played the ukulele and sang along. There were some of my own compositions and covers of my favourite songs. If you would like to be informed when and where I am performing or when I publish something again, please sign up for my e-mail distribution list at the bottom of the page.

Ginger Girl - Original

The song "Ginger Girl" was created in the summer of 2020. This video was the first attempt to record the sound with my own technology, vocals and ukulele separately, in order to be able to control it specifically, and then to film a video playback from different perspectives and then to put everything together into an overall project.

Tempomat im Babysitz - Original

The song "Tempomat im Babysitz" was the first song I wrote myself. The original version was written at the songwriter camp in Berlin Blankensee in February 2020. This video is already a further development of the song. The final version is not yet available as a video, but will be soon. I worked on the song with a song coach.

Dance me to the end of love - Leonard Cohen (cover for ukulele and vocals)

This song is one of my favourites, which I have been working on for a very long time and have now sung and played very often on various open stages. This recording is from the Ukulele Festival in Berlin in October 2019.

City of Stars - La La Land (mit Band im Birdland Hamburg)

This song was the first one I ventured onto a stage with. This recording comes from my favourite jazz club, Birdland in Hamburg. There is a so-called vocal session twice a month (always on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday). A great band plays, you bring your sheet music and sing and play with them. On this recording, I played the song for the first time with the accompaniment of a band and it was a great feeling how the musicians got involved so sensitively with my interpretation of the song.