OpenMic "virtual"

Wednesday at 8 p.m. CET (German Time)
via Zoom

Don't miss it by any means...

From now until the time when we can meet again in real life, I'll be holding a virtual open mic as often as possible on Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. (C.E.T.) If you wonder about the time zone: It is Hamburg/Germany

11Aug20:0022:00OpenMic "virtuell"Special Guest: Rainer Bielfeldt

25Aug20:0022:00OpenMic "virtuell"Themenabend „Träume“ / Theme-Night „Dreams“

14Sep20:0022:00OpenMic "virtuell"

Tips for a better sound

If you run Zoom on a desktop or laptop, you should definitely use the latest version (may have to be downloaded and installed manually). To optimize the audio signal for music, open the Zoom settings and activate the following options under Audio in the advanced area:

Show option "Activate original sound" from microphone in meeting
HiFi music mode
Suppress background noise: low

If you don't, Zoom compresses all audio signals because it cannot differentiate between speech and song / music. As far as I know, phones and tablets do not have these setting options.

Registration for Performers

    Videos of previous virtual meetings

    If you would like to get an impression of our previous virtual meetings, then take a look at our YouTube channel. So far there is a compilation of the performances from every meeting:
    YouTube-Channel "OpenMic virtual"