Happy 50 at the OpenMic

On Wednesday, May 5, 2021 we celebrated the 50th virtual OpenMic with almost 70 participants. It was a wonderful evening and I am still quite touched by the many different congratulations that reached me in the various ways. I received congratulatory cards via snail mail, packages with little ukulele gifts or caramel treats, and quite a few congratulations via digital means. I was especially happy about the creative musical congratulations. OpenMic verses were added to the songs or even a whole song was re-purposed. My personal highlight was the Criminal Tango by Heinrich H., which I don't want to withhold from you and therefore published as a separate video on YouTube:

Also, as always, if you missed the evening, you can watch a video recap:

#75657316 © abasler / stock.adobe.com
Catharina mit C - Singer & Songwriter mit Ukulele

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