We voted and chose the OpenMic jingle

Jingle OpenMic "virtual"

We were looking for a jingle for our virtual OpenMic. Until 07.11.2020 it was possible to submit an own contribution.

We asked for a short instrumental motif, length up to 8 bars, which should be played as the recognition jingle at the beginning of each video. Those who wanted to participate could submit their idea in the form of a sound recording (mp3) or as a short video (mp4).

At the virtual OpenMic on Wednesday, 11.11.2020 the vote took place which one should be the OpenMic jingle.

These were the submitted contributions:

Jingle 01:
Jingle 02:
Jingle 03:
Jingle 04:
Jingle 05:
Jingle 06:
Jingle 07:
Jingle 08:
Jingle 09:
Jingle 10:
Jingle 11:
Jingle 12:
Jingle 13:
Jingle 14:
Jingle 15:
Jingle 16:
Jingle 17:
Jingle 18:
Jingle 19:
Jingle 20:
Jingle 21:
Jingle 22:
Jingle 23:
Jingle 24:
Jingle 25:
Jingle 26:
Jingle 27:
Jingle 28:
Jingle 29:

Here is the result of the vote:

Jingle 1 (Andreas Hellmayr) with 10 votes
Jingle 14 (Sabine Krebs) with 7 votes
Jingle 8 (Marius-Antonin Fleck) with 5 votes
from a total of 52 votes cast